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All ideas in life begin with just a thought... and when that thought becomes an idea driven by passion it becomes THE VILLAGE CUSTOM CRUSH WINERY

Announcing the 2011 grand opening of THE VILLAGE WINERY

The first full service "Vine to Wine" custom crush facility located in the quaint town of Westlake Village, California.  THE VILLAGE WINERY will be specializing in micro-boutique, high quality wine making sourcing grapes from 100% locally grown vineyards -- from Hidden Hills to Hidden Valley, the Pacific Palisades and the Santa Monica Mountains. 

It is my mission to produce for you, in an Artisan style, the very best wine from the grapes that I am given.  This will be accomplished by utilizing quality winemaking equipment and traditional time-proven procedures with updated wine making methods.


For information contact 805-279-3393 or email at uclawiners@aol.com

Specializing in small allotments, wine making with professional results.

One of the first things B. Alan discovered as a wine maker 16 years ago is that you can only produce wine as good as the grapes you are given. So he began to study and learn as much about viticulture (the science of growing grapes) as possible. This gives him the unique ability to begin making your wine the very best it can be starting in your vineyard.

Workin with my "Homies"

Hard at work, rackin and stackin wine.
Experienced grape growers and wine makers will tell you that one way we learn is through others mistakes and sometimes through our own.  You can avoid years of costly mistakes and missteps because B. Alan offers a chance to achieve success in your vineyard -- producing the best potential wine your grapes can produce -- the first time!   With B's guidance, some clients even make their wine at home (aka the "homies").

Amy, Max, Me and Milan celebrating our San Francisco International Wine Competition
Double Gold Award winning wines!
with Milan Vineyards
"2009 Ruby Reserve"
and "2009 Hollywood Affair"



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